GutterCAD is a program designed to assist you in choosing the right gutter and accessories for your project. Our program enables you, the user, to display the items, make modifications and adjust all aspects of the gutter to your preferences with a click of the mouse.

GutterCAD relates to a method of displaying gutter component information. The methods enable a practitioner, for e.g. an architect, to simultaneously view a three dimensional rendering of the gutter components and a list and/or figures of the specifications of the component.
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• Database with 299 true-to-scale 3D blocks for designing roof drainage systems in AutoCAD
• Simple handling due to preconfigured ACAD tool palettes with object preview
• Utilisation of the 3D blocks for customer presentations
• Automatic setting of elements simply by positioning start and end points.
• Simple menu guidance allows users to select the respective sizes and types
• Listing in an Excel table of all GutterCAD blocks used in the drawing (with lengths & quantities)
• Tool to support the selection of gutter and downspout sizes (Guttercalc.).

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