1. Gutter, halfround

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As a bracket-mounted gutter, this form of guttering is by far the most popular design, as it offers the most favourable prerequisites for water drainage. The rounded guttering always guides the water towards the center, ensuring lower soiling (e.g. leaves) even in the case of minimal flow speeds.

In terms of material efficiency, the semi-round version is also the most favorable form, and this also applies to the resistance against mechanical loads and impacts, such as ice and freezing. The standard lengths are 10 and 18 feet.

2. Gutter, rectangular

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The rectangular gutter is also used for bracket-mounted systems. Its form is predominantly determined by design considerations. As its flow properties are - due to the flat flow of the water - less favorable than in the case of the semi-round gutter, they should always be installed with a sufficient slope. This type also comes in the standard lengths of 10 and 18 feet.